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Runtime: 112 mins

Language: English

Director: Isabel del Rosal

Country: USA, 2020

Genre: Drama, Lesbian, Romance


At the age of 30 and with a young daughter, Amber Evans is forced to start over after she builds up the courage to leave her husband and the only life she has ever known. As she struggles to find her way, she meets Logan, a free spirited musician with a kind heart who lends an ear to Amber and her situation. What starts out as a close friendship, however, quickly evolves into an unexpected romance. Now, amidst the turmoil of the divorce, Amber must come to terms with her new identity before she loses the person that she loves. Will she cave under pressure or can she overcome her fears before they destroy her relationship? With beautiful music written by Juno nominated artist Amanda Walther and created by a mostly female crew, Walk With Me explores the ideas of what it means to be a woman, a mother, a daughter and a lover, and shows how they embrace and reject who they are and how they eventually learn to stand tall in their own shoes.

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