Saturday April 24th 2021, 12:01 am - Wednesday, April 28th @ 11:59 pm

Virtual Festival



Runtime: 88 mins

Language: English

Director: Gem Deg

Country: Czech Republic, 2020

Genre: Drama, Gay, Horror


Something happens. Something the best of us would want to forget. And that’s exactly what Demir does when he wakes up like a blank canvas with his entire past forgotten and a stranger with a pet pig sharing his new fancy designer style home. But he couldn’t care less about the black-out or the TV-like reality - because the stranger is not strange at all - he is Andrew, a vision of Hollywood holiness in a man. And an unscrupulous auctioneer with a dark passion no less. By accepting the hand of friendship extended by Andrew, Demir does everything he can to be possessed by this man and ignore the violent clues of how he got there.

OUT OF THE BOX: Different Thinking Films For Different Thinking People - Out of the Box is a showcase of films we feel have a place in the festival without being outright GLBT films or films that are not traditionally found in a GLBT festival. Strong and central characters, themes of major interest to our community and horror or cult films that are not often included in a GLBT festival. This Out Of The Box film, Playdurizm leans more to the cult, MIdnight Movie, What the F*@k. It's profoundly wacky, a little bloody, and parts of it are watch-through-your-hand moments, but it's quite the ride!