Film Details

Runtime: 97 mins

Language: English

Director: Emily Harris

Country: Canada

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Lesbian, Mystery, Romance

Lara lives in total isolation with her father and her strict governess, Miss Fontaine, and is struggling to find an outlet for her curiosity and burgeoning sexuality. When a carriage crash nearby brings a young girl, Carmilla, into the family home to recuperate, Lara is enchanted by her. The pair strike up a passionate relationship, which strikes fear into the heart of Miss Fontaine. Local rumors of an evil supernatural presence fuel Miss Fontaine's concern for Lara's well-being, and she seeks to put an end to the relationship for good. Carmilla is an atmospheric, coming-of-age love story steeped in eerie mystery.


Noelle Stevenson

Noelle Stevenson - Board Member

"This is an incredible gothic tale you never see in LGBTQ+ film festivals."


Honors -

- Edinburgh International Film Festival

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