Film Details

Runtime: 75 mins

Language: English

Director: Dan Hunt and Joy E. Reed

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary, Historical, LGBTQ, Trans

If Ren could go back in time to before she was four, she would tell her parents that she wasn’t happy living as a boy. Now, Ren is about to take part in a rite of passage for their community in West Haven, Connecticut, as the first out transgirl to compete in the Little Miss Westie Pageant. Coaching her through the competition: her older brother Luca, who previously took part in the pageant when he lived as a girl. Gender dynamics evolve in front of the viewer’s eyes while two transgender siblings explore who they are in this intimate portrait.

Leelah's Highway

Director: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Canada, 24 mins


Dan Hunt

Dan Hunt - Co-Director

Chris Fortin

Chris Fortin - Founder Leelah's Highway Foundation


Honors -

- OUTshine LGBT Film Festival - Miami Edition

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